Jason Richard’s Family Survival Kit Review – Will This Really Save My Life?

I recently came across Jason Richard’s Family Survival Kits. Having seen some of his other products, I was immediately interested in what this latest eBook would offer me. The book itself is 279 pages long and you get the download link immediately after payment. It teaches you everything you need to know to be prepared for an emergency and allowing you to survive the odds. I wouldn’t call myself a prepper or survivalist, but I have a feeling that something is afoot with the political unrest that is happening all over the world. They say it is better to be safe than sorry, so I figured I had nothing to lose by at least giving this one a try. Let’s take a look at my experiences with the Family Survival Kit.

Family Survival Kit ReviewWhat Do You Get with the Family Survival Kit?

The kit is full of information that could potentially mean the different between life and death. This includes:

  • The 44 foods you have to make sure you have stocked if a crisis does occur. The food element is very extensive, teaching you which foods are healthy and which aren’t, and it will also show you how and where to get the best possible deals. It is likely that your local grocery store will have quite a bit of what you need, meaning you don’t actually have to order online, which is where most of us think the cheapest stuff is.
  • A guide on how to create a backup power supply, which you can use in your home, but also in your shelter if you have one.
  • Essential information on self-defense, including tactics and weapons, which you must know about if you want to be prepared.
  • Information on how to make sure you always have access to clean water.
  • A fantastic guide on growing your own food and how to use these for medicinal purposes as well.
  • Useful information on first aid items you must have to deal with emergencies.

The book comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with what you learn, you can simply get your money back. The book is designed for those who are new to the world of the survivalist, but can equally be used by those who have been immersed in this world for a long time.

Jason Richard is a real expert in this field and to make sure he doesn’t overflow novices with information, but also is able to supply experts with more detailed tools, he also has a number of more specific guides that can be purchased separately. These include guides on self-defense, food, water, energy supply and so on.

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Jason Richard’s Food Crisis TipsWhat I Liked

  • Additional books that go into greater detail in terms of the individual elements of surviving in a crisis can be purchased.
  • Jason Richard is a real expert in the field and knows his stuff, which really shines through in the materials.
  • The information he provides is realistic and can help in a variety of emergency situations, even if it isn’t Armageddon. For instance, if the power were to go out for a number of days due to a hurricane or flood, the information in there can make sure you will spend those four days safely and securely at home.
  • The product is backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Jason Richard’s Emergency MessageWhat I Didn’t Like

  • The book is designed for those who are real novices in the world of survival, and although the more advanced people can use it, it is likely that they already know most of the information.
  • I personally wasn’t keen on the video. I don’t know whether the voice is actually Jason Richard’s, but I found it too close to a 1950s radio DJ. I also found the way he spoke to us as listeners/viewers to be slightly condescending. On the other hand, I understand that he is passionate about his beliefs and he is describing things that could actually happen.
  • The information is provided as an eBook, and not everybody wants to read on their computer. At over 250 pages long, it is too much to comfortably print off as well.

Jason Richard’s Family Survival CourseThe Verdict

I have to admit that the information in the Family Survival Kit is probably nothing new for the more experienced survivalists and preppers. However, if you are knew to this world, the information is a fantastic place to get started. There are loads of very important facts that have been included in the materials, as well as superb skills that will always serve you well. It is a great way to get introduced to this, be that as a hobby or lifestyle choice, and you can then purchase additional information on more specific areas of surviving a disaster.

Jason Richard has a very strong focus on our mindset as well. He explains that it is about more than having various tools and resources. Instead, it is about being prepared, but at the same time being optimistic. Survivalists, contrary to popular belief, aren’t pessimists. They are simply realistic enough to know the world is full of possibilities and not all of them are good. In being prepared, they are ensuring they have the biggest chance at a long and fulfilling life.

Last but not least, even if the world were to continue at its current pace for a hundred more years, perhaps your home will never be hit by a tornado, perhaps your town will never be flooded, perhaps FEMA camps are a myth and perhaps the dollar will be just fine, even if all of that were to never happen, isn’t it still a good idea to know about surviving? Isn’t it better that you know some self-defence techniques? Isn’t it a good idea to have everything you need at home, just in case? After all, you have nothing to lose by being prepared, but you potentially have everything to gain.

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